TEST AUTOMATION are services which help to develop innovative trends in the scope of conducting specialised telecommunications tests. Thanks to dedicated devices, applications and procedures of TEST AUTOMATION, it is possible to accelerate validation works as well as verification of devices, applications and systems. Making use of TEST AUTOMATION services guarantees the decrease in fixed costs of specialized laboratories functioning.

TeleMobile Labs provides TEST AUTOMATION services through :

  • design and construction of automation test sites
  • creation of dedicated software used to meet advanced, customized requirements
  • design and construction of measure devices for test environment
  • integration of external tools and applications (e.g. Ascom TEMS, Rohde & Schwarz, Agilent, Veex, NetHawk, DGT  etc.)

TeleMobile Labs implements TEST AUTOMATION solutions in RF laboratories of the largest telecommunications companies. To meet the requirements of professional laboratories a lab resources booking system (TML_RMS) has been developed by TML engineers. Additionally, the RFswitchGEAR (a microwave cross-connect) has been developed. The innovative cross-connect makes it possible to concentrate and cross-connect radio signals from over 80 base stations of all mobile systems available in Poland. RFswitchATT – an automatic switch and microwave attenuator which can be remote-controlled has been developed by TML as an indispensable tool for RF tests and measure automation.

The lab resources booking system (TML_RMS) is an advanced system which significantly facilitates the operations of entities maintaining and using metering infrastructure. Thanks to the system each device available can be booked for a convenient date (or period). What is more, the system makes it possible for the TML engineers to configure a given device so as it can be used at a given test site. The operation of a test site may be controlled directly or remotely.

The solutions implemented by TML as a part of TEST AUTOMATION services facilitate the tests processing and ensure saving of the time needed to conduct tests. It should be emphasized that the above solutions limit the necessary expenses connected with the creation and maintenance of test environment as well as significantly increase the quality of the research.

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