We provide comprehensive, professional IP network designing in each area:

  • Access, Distribution and Core
  • project embrace all layers: physical (L1), data link (L2) and network (L3)
  • we design wired and optical Ethernet networks
  • Wireless Networks WiFi 802.11 g/n/ac – along with radio planning, radio measurements and throughput tests
  • ensure selection/supply/service appropriate equipment that meets your expectations, assumptions – financial and functional


We provide full support during commissioning for Your network – initial setup and optimization of it. Each implementation and delivery is verified by measurements of the physical and network layer by professional test equipment such as Fluke, Agilent, VeeX …

We offer implementation and delivery of equipment from manufacturers such as Cisco, HP, Huawei, Allied Telesis…


We provide maintenance of Your network in all areas:

  • servicing of equipment and physical installation
  • reconfiguration of network devices (routers, switches, L2 and L3
  • measurement of the network performance of each layer
  • monitoring and reporting of network performance and devices utilization
  • time to response adapted to Yours requirements


We have the knowledge, experience and professional tools for diagnosing IP network. We find and present a solution for any malfunction of Your IP network and WiFi.


We provide implementation solutions for the security of your network solutions using Firewall, IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) and configuration of remote access to the network and secure interconnection between the branches of your company through VPN/IPSec technologies.

We are trusted by companies such as T-Mobile Poland. We work with suppliers of solutions from companies such as:


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