TML_RMS (TeleMobile Labs Resource Management System) has been designed as a tool which makes it possible to book and manage lab resources. This software makes it possible to choose given devices being elements of a lab, to book the mentioned devices for a specific period and to identify and configure tests.

After the needed elements (resources/devices) are selected, TML_RMS checks their availability on a given date and time (according to the reservation calendar). Next this software gives its clients the possibility to define the test parametres and procedures so as to have the testing environment assembled and configured at the requested time and day.

TML_RMS makes it possible to determine:

  • Number and type of laboratories.
  • Hours of lab operation and availability of testing devices.
  • Number and type of laboratory users.
  • Customised interface type (White Label).
  • Additional options according to specific needs.

Technical specifications:

  • Possibility to install on dedicated VPS servers.
  • SSH protocol support.
  • URL dedicated addresses.
  • High quality script language: PHP

TML_RMS is the software which has been designed, developed, implemented and maintained by TeleMobile Labs engineers as Saas service (Software as a Service) .


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