rfswitchatt.mobileRFswitchATT.mobile Automated Reconfigurable Microwave Attenuator with GPS localization – developed by TeleMobile Sp. z o.o.


slideShow_22 RFswitchATT is an innovative, remote-controlled attenuator which faciliates test automation at RF laboratories.

RF Laboratories

slideShow_22 TeleMobile Labs develops, equips and integrates unique European laboratories radio access networks for mobile operators


slideShow_3 TML Resource Managment System is the software which makes it possible to book the desired lab resources for testing needs and to organise work efficiently.


dacia Drive Tests, Troubleshooting, Post-processing, Reporting & Big Data Analysis

IP Networking

IP networkingWe provide comprehensive, professional IP network designing.


We offer professional services within TEST AUTOMATION, inter alia design and integration of lab testing environments, measuring and analysing (also outside the lab), maintaning and managing devices and RF & Microwave parts.

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We design and construct advanced devices/programmes/scripts for test automation from the idea to its construction (equipment and software). The examples of our successful operation are our products, i.e.: RFswitchATT, RFswitchGEAR as well as specialist software TML_RMS.

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26 / 01 / 2016

TeleMobile Labs again at the Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona. During the next…

20 / 10 / 2015

On Thursday in the AMBER EXPO starts Technicon Innovation Fair 2015. As every year,…

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