TML employs highly qualified programmers who design and implement professional dedicated software applied in radio laboratories.

TeleMobile Labs, at the client’s request, designs and implements:

Additionally, the IT team is involved in:

  • Data bases integration
  • Upgrade and development of existing software
  • Maintenance of software

TML offers, among others, the TML_RMS software which is a developed system enabling the management of radio resources at professional RF laboratories. This application makes it possible to book the desired resources and to prepare a laboratory test site efficiently. TML_RMS is an application which is started in the Internet browser, thanks to which it is a multi-platform application.

TeleMobile Labs develops original software to be applied in its own metering devices constructed by the TML engineers. TML programmers have developed the software applied in remote-controlled switch/attenuator called RFswitchATT. Thanks their extensive experience, TML programmers are ready to develop the software which is able to integrate numerous different devices to adjust current software according to the clients’ needs.

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