TeleMobile Sp. z o.o. [TML] is a team of highly-qualified specialists-engineers with competences in wireless communication technology. Thanks to their long-lasting experience in RF & Microwave branch, TML successfully develops innovative solutions in order to meet various requirements of its clients – operators and manufacturers of wireless systems and technologies.

One example of the above mentioned solutions is TeleMobile Labs, the  Specialist Laboratory of Wireless Technologies which has been designed, equipped and maintained by our engineers. In the Laboratory a wide range of tests is conducted, which makes it possible  to test newly-developed equipment (base station, RNC, NodeB, eNodeB etc.). Each new version of software or wireless service (e.g. HD voice, video streaming HD, data up to 154 MBps, MMS, SMS, CBC) before it is implemented in the commercial network of an operator it need to be tested into semi-commercial network. Tests are conducted in the environments identical with the ones of a given commercial mobile network of the particular operator.

The laboratories are designed, equipped and maintained in an innovative way according to the so called TEST AUTOMATION rule, which means that the use of the specialist, expensive measure equipment and the software is optimal as well as that the repeatable tests are conducted automatically (without a human). The products we develop, namely, devices and software (i.e. TML_RMS) are highly automated. Some of the newest, innovative TML products are: an automatic remote-controlled RF attenuator (so called RFswitchATT) an RF cross-connect (so called RFswitchGEAR) thanks to which it is possible to conduct successfully comprehensive tests of almost 100 different mobile systems signals. The special application called TML_RMS gives customers the opportunity to book and co-share specialist equipment and software. These devices makes it possible to test simultaneously such network elements as BTS, BSC, NodeB, RNC, eNodeB which maintain the GSM, UMTS and LTE systems. In TML laboratories we conduct comprehensive tests of all existing and newest functions of base stations, transmission microwave links and Core network within the mobile systems of the customer.

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