Engineering staff and Board TeleMobile Sp. of o.o. focus on finding innovative solutions in the field of telecommunications and in particular the most modern and efficient products and services for operators and manufacturers of systems and wireless technologies. As a rapidly growing company – we are open to any kind of business cooperation, technology and science.
In addition to business cooperation, actively cooperate with institutions such as:

  • Pomeranian Science and Technology Park
  • Pomeranian ICT Cluster “Interizon”
  • Słupsk Technology Incubator
  • Office of Electronic Communications

If you want to join us or to learn more about partnership opportunities, please contact us via the form.

Pomeranian Science and Technology Park (PPNT)PPNT_enLogo

Pomeranian Science and Technology Park (PPNT) gives us great support infrastructure, in the form of first-class office space fully equipped workshops and laboratories electronic professionally prepared. An invaluable resource to help marketing and PR-half run by a team of GCI – Administrator PPNT.

Pomeranian ICT Cluster “Interizon”ICT_Horizon_logo

The company is a member of the Cluster TeleMobile Interizon: Pomeranian Klast created by ICT companies and research institutions to support and development of Pomerania. Marek Łangowski – is one of eight people – the initiators of the cluster in 2009. Today has been active in the Cluster representing small and micro enterprises in the ICT industry.

TeleMobile joined the group of entrepreneurs to the MemorandumICT_Horizon_logo

As a company providing services in the field of mobile network radio measurements and creator of supporting products such measurements, we proceeded to the “Memorandum to raise the quality of services in the telecommunications market “! By joining the Memorandum of our company brings this experience in the field of mobile networks in the discussion of its provisions.

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