TeleMobile Labs possesses a wide range of tools and extensive experience in conducting mobile tests and radio network measurements, so-called drive tests. Specialist staff of TML engineers has been gradually developing analytical tools for post-processing and prepares reports on the current radio network graphs.

Scope of measurement operations of TeleMobile Labs includes:

  • Drive tests – preparation of routes and scenarios of tests and conducting measurements outdoors and indoors
  • Troubleshooting and post-processing – analysis of faults during drive tests and after measurements
  • Measurement analysis – detailed analysis of measurements (drill down parameters)
  • Reporting – reports and recommendations on changes of network parameters

Professional radio measurements and analyses constitute an indispensable element of the process of construction and maintenance of radio communications infrastructure. This type of measurements allows to verify plans (they constitute the basis for introducing potential changes in configurations) and make the optimization of radio networks operations possible.

TeleMobile Labs conducts outdoor measures using such advanced tools as: TEMS, spectrum analyzers or frequency meters which make it possible to collect precise measurement results and to record radio parametres in a given area.

TML offers consultancy services. Each set of measurements is accompanied by detailed reports and recommendations on optimal solutions prepared by TeleMobile Labs.

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