RFswitchGEAR is an advanced, reconfigured cross-connect with high-quality attenuators built therein. It is applied to limit and switch signals between wireless devices and enables full configuration adjustment to the client’s needs.  The versatility of this cross-connect allows any connection of signal inputs from over 80 base stations to 10 signal outputs.

Technical specifications:

Impedantion: 50 Ω
Frequency range: from 10 to 3000 MHz
Attenuation range: from 0 to 90 dB
Number of input signals: 70
Number of output signals: 10
RF connectors: N
RF attenuator type: 35-100W
Number of attenuators at inputs: 70
Casing: high quality rack 42U
Operation temperature: 0 ~ 40 ˚C
Permissioble humidity: 10 ~ 90 %
Optional cooling: AC 100-240 VAC, 47 – 63 Hz

TeleMobile Labs designs and constructs high frequency cross-connects called: RFswitchGEAR to meet individual requirements of RF laboratories. Additionally, the company offers extension of existing HF cross-connects.


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