TeleMobile Sp. z o.o. [TML] is a team of highly-qualified specialists-engineers with competences in wireless communication technology. Thanks to their long-lasting experience in RF & Microwave branch, TML successfully develops innovative solutions in order to meet various requirements of its clients – operators and manufacturers of wireless systems and technologies. One example of the... View more


WEEE and RoHS regulations. TeleMobile Labs boasts full compatibility with the EC Directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment - WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) and full compatibility with all RoHS directives for disposal of hazardous substances. TeleMobile Labs is a regular supplier of NSN and... View more


Engineering staff and Board TeleMobile Sp. of o.o. focus on finding innovative solutions in the field of telecommunications and in particular the most modern and efficient products and services for operators and manufacturers of systems and wireless technologies. As a rapidly growing company - we are open to any kind of business cooperation, technology and science. In addition to business... View more
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